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theatrical SET RENTALS

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Featuring Dorothy's house, farm hands wagon and storm cellar - plus chick incubator - these pieces provide the perfect opening for your production. 

Prof. Marvels Camp

The farm hands wagon transforms into Professor Marvels Caravan, saving you wing space. Add our smaller prop pieces and you have everything you need for the scene that sets up the rest of the show.


Three distinct set pieces bring Munchkinland to life. A colorful raised step unit provides the perfect platform for your lead Munchkins. A durable yellow brick road - a key element throughout Act 1 - can be run across the stage in just seconds and the Farmhouse includes a couple of subtle colorized elements that are easily added during the Tornado, when the house is pulled offstage. 


Scarecrow's Wagon


Tin Man's Logs


Castle Exterior

A large black cloth covers the yellow brick road for this short scene (see the bottom of the photo).

The Witches Dungeon

A spectacular set piece for some of the most dramatic scenes in this production that allows your Wicked Witch and Dorothy will be rightly elevated during some key moments. Accessed via an appropriately grandiose curved staircase, the throne provides a focal point on this ample 6x8 foot platform. Together with smoke effects, a false floor and scissor lift 'melts' your performer in front of your audiences' eyes. An hourglass and (Auntie Em) crystal ball props are also available. 


The Wizard

We bring the wizard to life with several theatric effects. The large centerpiece features wild 'hair' dimmable eyes, and working mouth. An optional smoke effect allows the wizard to genuinely blow his top! Identical side pieces have three flame effects each and are linked to the center wagon by (what else but) green curtains. 


Oz Gates / The Square

A comprising two reversable centerpieces, we can transition seamlessly from the gates of Oz (with a hatch for the Gatekeeper, of course) to the square - complete with seating/steps that can be blocked for the opening number of Act 2. With a new fascia piece on the Munchkinland steps (playing center stage) we can, once again, elevate your lead characters throughout the scene. Click on the video to see the transition.


Notable smaller set / prop pieces

Including Glenda's bubble, the Wizard's balloon, and Gulch's bike - ready for fly.


Video Installation Guides

THE WIZARD OF OZ - Projections

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