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When you join us for an ESCAPE production, not only is your child or teen assured a role in the ensemble but everyone is extended the opportunity to audition for one of the many lead roles. We have created a unique environment which is designed to teach children about teamwork, while improving their singing, dancing and acting skills. During the four months of instruction, each individual learns many different songs, vocal projection techniques and dance routines. Performing in front of large audiences with beautiful sets, costumes, and a full orchestra is an amazing opportunity for these kids. They genuinely experience the complete joy of acting in world-class musical theatre and are guaranteed to remember their time with us, while learning valuable life skills and making new friends. ESCAPE provides children with a setting that enhances their self-esteem and creativity while developing self-discipline in a supportive and FUN setting.

Open to boys and girls from 1st through 12th grade, we split our cast into two groups (Red and Blue)  comprising 4 age groups (A through D) each. Ensemble rehearsals are on Mondays for one hour every week. Our leads have an additional rehearsal on Wednesdays. In that short time, our kids go from never having heard of a play to putting on a truly outstanding performance for you, your friends and family plus people from across the entire Santa Clarita Valley area. Check our season flyer for registration info.



If it takes a village to raise a child, imagine how many people it takes to put over 300 of them safely on stage, on cue and in the right costume! Putting on a performance of this magnitude requires everyone to play a role and at show time, each family gets to play theirs. The kids love moms, dads, aunts and uncles to get involved and each family will have the opportunity to help in the theatre during two to three of the shows to help make the magic come alive.

Contact us for more information or additional details or come watch a show and see what it’s all about or Check our season flyer for registration info.

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