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Peter Pan

The Pirate Ship

This stunning set piece consumes the stage. Built on steel frame, the unit is architected around a large center cube (the captain’s cabin) and has long step units that flow SL and SR. Hook's Pirate Ship features lots of intricate details, including the ships wheel, cannons and rope set-ups. Cabin windows are translucent, allowing for interior lighting. There are two rear openings on the upper step units for the Indian attack (SR) and plank scenes (SL).


Above ground and

below the surface

As robust as it is beautiful, this two-sided (above and below ground) Neverland set piece is built in four pieces using lightweight steel frame and a Versi-Foam® outer shell. Steps from SL and SR take the cast up hills, above or below the surface and there are numerous caves, nooks and crannies built-in.


The large tree features an internal ladder and fireman’s pole, enabling lost boys to enter or exit the caves. There is also a working toadstool chimney to alert Hook to the lost boys presence underground! This piece breaks into four separate units using a robust keyed locking mechanism,  simplifying quick scene changes and storage. Props, such as Wendy's house and the crib, are included.

Additional Set Pieces

The Nursery

Ready for rentals from mid February 2021. Contact us for more details!

Wendy's House





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