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Our expansive Oliver! set is truly an actors playground. The 5 primary elements, including a centerpiece, two wagons (with working barn doors) and two step units (one curved) are easily reconfigurable to create all scenes, including the Workhouse, the Parlor, Sowerberrys, Fagin's Lair, Brownlows, the Tree Cripples, London Bridge and the street.


The centerpiece plays 3 ways and includes a working door (Workhouse Parlor) and two large-wing doors which open-up to reveal Fagin's Lair with ample interior space. An optional turntable is additional. There is a 2-sided wall unit for the Parlor and Fagin's Fireplace. Brownlows wall units and the bar are also provided. Smaller set and fly pieces are also available. The set can play without the centerpiece/cube for smaller theaters and those outside the LA area. 

Set photos and scenes 

Scale model on-stage

Props & Set Dressing

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This production is gorgeous to look at, with... ingenious, textured, immersive scenic design by ESCAPE Theatre."

Amanda Callas for - 5-Star Theatricals production. Oct. 2023. Read review.

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