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Beauty and the Beast

Castle and West Wing

Fill your stage with this beautiful set piece, which features multiple levels with two main stairways and the jail. The entire set can move up and down stage plus the West Wing rotates to become part of the castle exterior (not shown here). Belle's bed, the Beasts throne, the fireplace and numerous other set pieces and props are also provided, along with the castle and library drop (not shown).


The Village

What a way to open your production of this classic. There are three village store set pieces, including (of course) the bookseller, seen here stage right with its French doors closed. Filling center stage is a building with accentuating wings, real thatching and a working second floor window. All the units are built using theatrical flats on a wagon using a pin/hinge and jack design for efficient storage between legs or backstage.


Gaston's Tavern

The tavern wagon, antler table and chairs along with Gaston's throne make these fun scenes and songs even more entertaining. Two sets of steps behind the bar (SL/SR) allow cast members to easily climb and dance on the unit. The table and chairs are robust enough to stand on and the throne is on casters, allowing free movement around the stage.


Belle's House

Based on a single wagon and three flats, using a predominantly pin/hinge jack architecture, Belle's House is quick and easy to build and break-down. It features a thatched roof plus a large flower bed. The SL wing folds out from the wagon for optimal storage and enables the piece to be moved easily on and off stage. Other set pieces and props for this scene are also available, like the Well and Maurice's Contraption.


Castle Exterior

With the West Wing moved downstage and turned 180 degrees, two large wagons enter from stage right and side-up to the balcony. This area, along with the ramp section, makes for an ideal location for the fight scene, with a large drop-bed located deep in the SL wagon, where Gaston meets his ultimate demise.