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All shows are sold out!

There are a few single seats still available for most performances. We suggest you come to the theatre and check with the box office 45 mins prior to curtain. We hope you get to see this incredible production!

Friday January 27th at 10AM - Red

Friday January 27th at 7PM - Blue

Saturday January 28th at 2PM - Blue

Saturday January 28th at 7PM - Red

Sunday January 29th at 2PM - Red

Sunday January 29th at 7PM - Blue



Tickets to all ESCAPE productions are available exclusively through the ESCAPE office phone lin(661) 360-6769 or our website. Please be aware that ticket scalpers have become increasingly sophisticated by utilizing the Internet to resell tickets for performances at this venue at exorbitant markups. Scalpers purchase tickets the same way that you can purchase them yourself. Buying from ticket brokers or the secondary market does not necessarily give you better seating or a better deal….and they DON’T EVEN HAVE THE TICKETS! Only ESCAPE Theatre has the tickets.

In addition to paying much more than necessary, if there is a problem with an order (i.e. you receive counterfeit tickets or you do not receive your tickets), and you purchased tickets for an ESCAPE show from any other site, then ESCAPE cannot help you.

If you have any questions about purchasing tickets, please call the ESCAPE office at (661) 360-6769

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