February 2021 Update

After months of discussion, "The Little Mermaid" will remain on the back-burner until we know when the theatre will reopen. The PAC is unsure what this next year will be like, but is communicating with us, and we are hoping for "sooner, than later". This is a HUGE show, and this will be our first time ever doing it. Our staff is committed to completing this show, and when the time is right....we WILL make "The Little Mermaid" an absolute success! The amount of work needed to complete hundreds of new costumes, sets, lighting design, flying, technical decisions, makeup and wigs is quite the undertaking, but also what we love to do. We will re-start "The Little Mermaid" when we are given some dates at The PAC, and we look forward to singing "Under the Sea" again with the kids!


In the meantime, we will continue doing whatever we can at our studio, with the kids.  Our entire staff looks forward to working with them, and providing some JOY in their lives, and ours. We hope your kids will join us for some small Showcases planned for April, May and beyond. We also plan on doing numerous Themed Summer Day camps and Showcases this summer in small groups, as we wait for the day that we can ALL be together again. There is nothing like live theatre!


Even amidst these uncertain times, ESCAPE continues to firmly believe in the power of the performing arts to bring people and communities together! We may not all be together in person at the moment, but that will not stop us from working towards our mission. "Our Mission is to give youth and teens an opportunity to develop skills in singing, dancing, and acting while developing self-esteem, discipline, creativity and teamwork in an environment that is positive, supportive, and most importantly, FUN.”

For more information on ESCAPE, call the office at 661-360-6769 or email Elizabeth at