His daddy is perpetually grumpy and his mother toppled from a tower of mattresses while trying to escape the pang of a rogue pea. Mommy most certainly married beneath her. While not a King until he takes a bride, Lord Farquaad sets about turning Duloc into a kingdom, fit for a mouse.  The final part of this plan is to clear the streets of stray fairy tale characters, dumping them in a remote swamp. Shrek's swamp.

Reluctantly taking his talkative donkey sidekick along for the ride, Shrek confronts Farquaad, who promises to remove the misfits if Shrek can find his future Queen - a Princess named Fiona, locked in a tower guarded by a fiery but forlorn dragon. An adventure ensues: Will the reclusive ogre open-up along the way? Will Donkey ever shut up? Will they both discover that real beauty is more than skin deep? Who farted? Join us for Shrek the Musical to find out.

This fun-filled family musical returns to Santa Clarita for six performances only. Cast registration opens online Tuesday January 31 at 8PM.