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His daddy is perpetually grumpy and his mother toppled from a tower of mattresses while trying to escape the pang of a rogue pea. Mommy most certainly married beneath her. While not a King until he takes a bride, Lord Farquaad sets about turning Duloc into a kingdom, fit for a mouse.  The final part of this plan is to clear the streets of stray fairy tale characters, dumping them in a remote swamp. Shrek's swamp.

Reluctantly taking his talkative donkey sidekick along for the ride, Shrek confronts Farquaad, who promises to remove the misfits if Shrek can find his future Queen - a Princess named Fiona, locked in a tower guarded by a fiery but forlorn dragon. An adventure ensues: Will the reclusive ogre open-up along the way? Will Donkey ever shut up? Will they both discover that real beauty is more than skin deep? Who farted? Find out in Shrek the Musical, a laugh-out-loud, toe-tapping, ogre-tastic extravaganza!

This production has closed. Click the button below so see our upcoming shows.

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